Wichtel-O-Mat - your online Secret Santa manager

How does it work?

Using the Wichtel-O-Mat you can manage a „Secret Santa” party simply and for free using the internet. You only need a few friends which are reachable by email.

Creating a „Secret Santa”

Creating a „Secret Santa” party is a two step process. First you will create an account and your first party by providing some basic information like your name and email address, the date of your party and an approximate value for the presents. You can also enable your friends to fill out a wishlist and decide to receive notifications when a participant accepts or declines your invitation.

The second step involves inviting you friends to take part in your „Secret Santa”. You just need to add the participants by providing names and email addresses, they will then get an invitation they can decide to accept by email. Should they decide to accept the invitation they can submit their wishlist, unless you decided to disable them.

The Lottery

When it's time you can start the lottery. You will have the opportunity to define pairs of friends (for example couples) which should excluded from giving presents to each other. Shortly after the draw has been performed the participants will receive an email which includes the name and wishlist of the friend they are supposed to be giving a present to. This concludes your „Secret Santa”. Please keep in mind that even you, the „Secret Santa” manager, has no access to the draw results. Everything is kept secret, the way a „Secret Santa” should be! Should a participant fail to receive an email you are able to resend it using your party status page.

Start your own „Secret Santa” now!

Wichtel-O-Mat Top features

  • Easily invite friends using email.
  • Avoid crappy gifts, enable the wishlist.
  • Already got an email list in your mail program? Have some other means to invite your friends? Twitter? Just send them our self registration link!
  • You can't meet to exchange gifts? We can help, just allow you friends to enter a shipping address.
  • Managing multiple „Secret Santa“ parties? You got it!
  • Your privacy is important – we delete all information regarding a completed „Secret Santa“ and the participants after 30 days.
  • Best of all: the Wichtel-O-Mat is completly free!